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You can call me Chris

J. Christopher Schmidt is a freelance comic book artist, illustrator and designer from Cleveland, OH. Since graduating from The Columbus College of Art and Design he has worked as a graphic designer, toy designer and illustrator. His artwork can be found in stores, zoos, museums and aquariums worldwide. Last year he did pencils and inks for the "Steve Jobs Co-Founder Of Apple" One Shot for Bluewater Productions. He is now working on “Prometheus: Titan of Earth” with writer C.W. Cooke. In the future he plans to release several creator owned projects.











Ash Print

Gambit Print

Joker and Harley

The Crow in Purple

Wolvie in the tub

Catwoman Print

Flight of The Conchords Print

Blood Watch / Sudden Death Print

Spider-Girl Print

Bad Seed

Prometheus Bookmark


Prometheus Designs

Disney Tinkerbelle Commission

King Zobiac Pin-up
















Chris will be a guest in "artist alley" at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con on August 9th-12th (2012). He will be available during the show to do commissions. For further questions refarding commisions please use the contact template below.




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